Thursday, 2 February 2012

Update (Sai) 02/02/2012

Heres a thought - how about we use the blog to kind of do daily/ every couple of day logs? That way we can keep track of work, and it'll force me to do something every day lol. I know in design documents usually, you have to show progression and method, so I guess it will be the same sort of thing?

Just title it like "Update" then youre name and the date?

Anyway, just an idea. I guess i'll update.

Work on character was started, then put on hold for room assets. I guess it's probably best to get the scene set before we put in the performers ;)
Face so far:

She looks lumpy. I'll fix the topology when I come back to her later.

Anyway, I was working on the chairs for the twin's room, and as I was making them I had an idea: - turning the legs into bird feet. No idea why - I think it might look kinda cool, especially if I cover the backs of the chairs in feathers. What do you think? Or do you prefer my first concept?
Excuse the shite draw-over. I was too lazy to get up to get a tablet :D

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  1. I've been trying to update every couple of days anyway XD; Or at least as often as there is stuff to show. I've been mostly working on my my lift cage animation, and it's kinda hard to show progress of that in pics D:
    Have you tried retopologising in Zbrush? That way you can focus on the proportions and looks of a face without bothering with topology straight away :) Would be easier to predict the final outcome, too.