Sunday, 12 February 2012

Update (Sai) 12/02/2012

Right ~ I want your thoughts before I go mad.

We are having everything rather stylized, yes?
I wanted to make the twins tall and thin, but I'm not sure how far I should go with it. I've already elongated her legs in the image below, but I was thinking taller and thinner again? To be honest I almost want creepy and skeletal, but I thought I'd ask your opinion first xD

Also, I know anatomy is important, so I'm scared about distorting it too much. I know I'll get a poker up my ass if it's done badly -__-


  1. I think if you make her look noticeably thin, then she will naturally look taller too. Also design her clothing to be short on the top and lots of leg showing. Kinda like how leotards are v shaped at the hips makes it appear to be more leg

  2. Yeah i think Tony's making a good point here :) You could probably make her ribcage smaller. i think it's the curve between the hips and a rib that makes girls proper skeletal XD That, and heals usually make legs longer?