Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dat asset list

Sooo I did the asset list for my stuff. Did it in the most retarded way possible, but oh well.  Let me know if I missed anything :)
Google docs link
Even with the assets already made it only shows 36 days. It's a blatant lie though, it will only take 36 days if I'm 100% sure what I'm doing (and doing it non-stop). Let's hope 2 months from now will be enough. I'll try to minimise the impact of Zbrush and use more nDo for the sake of speed. Considering that we need sounds and a bit of particle effects (candles, steam from the pots), there really isn't that much time to waste. I also haven't included 2D art I need to draw (as in, portraits and posters). Not even sure about the character anymore, as much as I want to do it. This is something I'll really need to figure out this week.

 Sai, if you do the list for your room and backstage in a similar manner, we can spread assets more evenly if needed C:

Maybe I should outsource a project manager. I'm sure there are management students looking for unpaid placements. And we're totally legit employers and all, amirite? 8D

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    'grats on doing the time management thing. It's scary when you do it and you realise how little time there is and how hard its going to be to do everything you want.

    If only everybody would do this... maybe then we wouldn't get so many half-finished projects