Friday, 10 February 2012

Ropes and tweaks

Modelled some ropes, chains and a trapeze for the level. so far the texture is temporary, I'm still decided on the most effective way of using texture space. So far using a tiny tileable texture for the ropes works best and doesn't cost much.
Oh and the red curtain is now animated and looks a lot less stiff! I was trying to make a big curtain into a skeletal mesh as well, but the dynamic lighting was really out of place on such a big object. To be honest, the difference in lighting static and dynamic objects is very visible and extremely annoying.  The red curtain looks completely flat without lightmaps, so I might have to apply a non-tileable diffuse with ambient occlusion to make it look better. Le sigh.

Oh and another thing, today I attended a really cool lecture by Monica Herman, who has been working as a production designer/background artist. She was offering feedback afterwards, so I thought it would be a good chance to get some advice. It was a bit weird,as I was the only one who came in XD But we had a nice chat, she suggested to watch some German Expressionism films, as they had distorted sets back then. She also raised concern about the distortion and tilt of the walls, as it's one of those 2D methods that might not work in 3D. I'm considering redoing the walls and just making them straight, it would make the position of the doors a lot less awkward for sure.


  1. I leave for 3 days, and you have the level built?!

    Lol ~ awesome work Mary :D Youre amazing.

    So straight walls then? its a shame. have you tried sticking in lighting and seeing how the curved walls look? or is it just to bollocksing-awkward?
    I dont mind either way :)

    and yeah i was gona say the material and ropes were looking a bit stiff xD

    where are you sticking the trapeze?? :O

  2. well, lighting's already in XD I don't mind the looks of the walls themselves, it's just the doors that look weird with it.
    Trapeze will just be somewhere at the top with all the ropes and shit :D