Friday, 17 February 2012

Chandelier wip

..Dem super wide shoulders..
Currently working on a chandelier for the level. This is just a quick bake I haven't even cleaned up yet. I think I'll add the lace in Photoshop, don't think modelling it would be worth the effort, considering that the asset will most likely appear as a bunch of shinies. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow, the hooks, chains and alphas are all prepared for texturing.
My first bake of this didn't come out at all. This is when I learned that extracted mesh pieces need to be re-meshed together, otherwise the rays don't seem to work, even if you merge all the subtools.

Also in the past days I've been learning to make Physics assets. Rigged all the ropes so they now move and react to weapons :) I keep having trouble with making the material appear on the skeletal meshes. That, and at some point one of the curtains went dark for no reason whatsoever. Oh UDK, why you mock me so ;__;

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