Monday, 6 February 2012

Update (Sai) 06/02/2012

Before I run away to Paris for a few days I thought I'd update.
Sorry its not much =/ I'll get working like a monkey after this trip is done. Organizing people is not my forté at all *grumble.*

The twins chairs. I'll reduce tri count later - just wanted to get the shape right first. Legs are taking up a lot of the tri count at the mo.
Feathers will be added as alphas later. Chair still needs to be zsculpted. Ribbon needs added around the legs.

Worked a bit more on the character face. Fixed topology - shes not as lumpy as she was. Looking forward to Zbrushing <3 Started the body base.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! :) How many tris are in the chairs? The topology looks quite reasonable to me, not all that expensive at all :) . I'd suggest curling the tips of the legs - we have a lot of swirlies going on, so it would fit the style more me thinks.