Friday, 17 February 2012

Chandelier ready

Finished the chandelier.  (also the trapeze and general chain, as it was on the same texture sheet) It's all in the level now, being blindingly shiny. So shiny in fact, you can't even see the actual asset-

But it's okay, because I've found an alternative use for it, too:
I'll make better marmoset rendender when I'm at home :)
Shiny Marmoset render:
..why can't things looks this shiny in UDK? >:C 



    I don't think the clavicles are quite right. Have a look at some real ones to see if you can make them work better.

    Otherwise its looking good.

  2. It looks beautiful when lit T__T

  3. Thanks Mike, I see what you mean. Although as it's a mannequin, the clavicules weren't supposed to be very pronounced, but i think I've just modelled the shoulders wrong in general, so they don't fall into place. I'll see if I can fix this without rebaking everything :)