Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Curtains progress

Started working on the curtains last Friday. At first I was planning on using the Cloth modifier to form them, however, after playing around with it for ages, I found that modelling the cloth by hand gives me a lot more control.

During the weekend I forgot my laptop cable in the labs, so I only managed to Zbrush a large curtain for the centrepiece.Then I spent ages retopologising it.I thought creating a normal map for a huge asset would be a waste of memory, so instead I invested more geometry  into the mesh. The final mesh is around 3,800 tris, yet it still looked too undefined with just a tileable texture. In the end I quickly re-created the hipoly version and baked the Zbrush matcap from it (which was overlayed with stripes and grimy textures later)
At the moment it looks like a crinckled popcorn bag, but I'm leaving it for now. Today I must try and finish the rest of the curtains and ropes, and also look into making them animated.

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