Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Twin's Room Concept

Sorry for being a dick again, but I've changed my mind. Tell me what you think of this design.
I was having trouble picturing the twin's room and deciding on a theme, and then as I was modelling the feathers on their chairs it came to me - birds.

Why not have the room like a big bird cage?
I intended to have them wear feathers, and the room will be a mirrored room (have you been around birds much? They fucking love mirrors. Vain little shits will sit and watch themselves sing and dance all day).

Anyway, sorry for the rushed sketch (art skills that cannot be beaten, Sai has them) but the idea was:

- Suspended bed inside a large circular cage.

- Poles that form the cage will meet underneath and a chandelier will hang from it.

- From the chandelier a swing will be attached, containing two chairs and a small table.

- Ribbons to climb onto this contraption.

I thought, if we could manage it, the cage & bed could be turning one way and the swing could be turning the other?
Because the room is mirrored, if we nail it the movements should be reflected and the whole room could look like clockwork.



  1. If you pull that off, it will be awesome. Seriously weird, and that's a good thing. Weird is seriously lacking in games mostly.

    If this project doesn't pan out, I shall retire, broken hearted and sadly defeated to a life eating biscuits and crying into my tea.

  2. There seems to be a lot riding on this project...