Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Portraits, Part 2

..Nope, I'm not dead yet! The deadline has passed, but the degree show is still a month away, so I decided to finish the portraits by then, and add some music.
Did all of those today. A bit rushed..Now I just need to compose them all together nicely (including the Ringmaster), and it should make a decent 2D piece.
Animal trained has somehow turned into a bird trainer. Wat.
Weird pseudo-geisha mime lady
..Aand Sai's magician. aka Fabio Felacio.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Final Screenshots.

This weekend wasn't great in terms of work for me, as both my tablet and my laptop were having issues. Because of this I was unable to paint the rest of the portraits :/. In any case, everything else in the level is completed. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out, although there are a lot of areas that need polishing. I will write a more detailed evaluation later on. Fow now, have some screenshots!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Door portraits

Today i've mostly been working on post-processing and baking the production lighting. The level looks slightly prettier now, but I'm not showing it just yet :D I've also decided to set myself a challenge of painting all the portraits today. In the end I only managed 3. Guess I'll have to do the rest this weekend after all. But I guess it's better than producing really half-assed content. And yes, Sai's twins look very much underage here :I

Thursday, 26 April 2012

progress shots.

We're almost done here. In the past couple of days I've put in the last small bits into the level, made the cubemaps for main and ringmaster's rooms, changed the lift so it doesn't need the doors anymore, and added the fog/smokey particles. Also added collission bits, so that some items can be dynamic. Still need to fix some lightmaps, do the portraits for the doors, and, hopefully, put in the sounds. That's about it on my part.
 smoky backstage-

Main Room

Sai's room
Ringmaster's Lair

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Glass test and stuff

Some quick glass. I'll be adding a cubemap tomorrow, once I can work on the level, so hopefully it'll look better.

Dat branding. Handwritten logos for the win.
Also, a couple of books. Actually, it's just one book. But because only one side will be visible at a time, I cheated and gave it two covers :D And yes, they're really rushed D:

There are some other things as well. Like tophats and a coat I did yesterday. But I'll just show it off in the screens in the next few days. We're almost done here!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Poster numero uno

or something. I dont know. Was going for something old and vanilla looking. And yeah, that outfit is very similar to one of the puppets. I'll have other version with different drawings too, although so far this is the only sketch I liked. But there will be more if there's time...so many ifs :/
..that right empty bit could do with a fancy quote, but I'm terrible with English the words.

magic seals

...Oh hello. Yep, that's the rug. Just when I thought this would be the easiest thing to make ever, Zbrush decided to fuck everything up D: Well, it was me really, the first time I sculpted it I used a double-sided plane. In the end the front and back faces kind of tangled together, and it wasn't visible until I attempted to bake it only to get a really weird grid along the entire map. Oh well. Re-made it from the retopoed model, and it came out even better. I do wish I used alphas for softer edges and extra fluffiness, but I'm trying to save space. And time.
I bet those tiny little seals had a whole circus career ahead. But clearly something didn't work out :D At least now they get to lie around all day. As seals usually do anyway.