Thursday, 22 December 2011

Concept - Tea set

...I'll regret that half-arsed front view sketch  and that saucer tomorrow. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Concepts - Sofa sketches

Went back home a couple of days ago and managed to get a horrible art block straight away. Turns out it's much easier for me to work when other people are around than in an a big empty house, even though there's absolutely nothing to do here (besides whining). But I'd feel bad if I wasted these weeks entirely, so it's time to  get back to doodling. 
Started out with an idea I've had for a while now-a rolled-up sofa :D It's a complimentary to this armchair , so it will use the same pattern/fabric and stuff. I'm liking the top right one so far, would look good in a corner..if we had any :0 Still thinking if I should add an ornament at the top and how to go about it (same goes for the chair). I'm convinced that it needs to be modelled, as alphas will inevitably look shit, but the polycount always seems to be an issue. 

In any case, I'll consider this to be my last day of procrastination. In the next couple of days I want to do as many concepts for the corridor as possible so I could get to the Ringmaster's room.
 And then there are still 8 more character portraits to do. Sai, if you could sketch out some concepts of the characters you want to design (like the Magician drag queen), I could paint the portraits  from them :) Or you can do the actual portraits if you like, we just need to make sure the style looks similar.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Concepts - Puppets

Finally did the puppets.

I read that puppet theatres were used in middle ages to teach illiterate people about morales. I though our dolls could hint on what has happened to previous "employees", and what fate would await the current characters if they tried to escape or not make enough money or something. All punishments could look like staged accidents, which isn't hard in a circus environment. At the same time I didn't want to cover everything in blood and keep the horror aspect subtle. The first time I drew the hanged contortionist, I gave her a blue face and open mouth, and the magician's assistant had blood on her, but then I figured this is kinda unnessesary. And dolls don't bleed, toys should have toy-like injuries :) Any thoughts?

And yeah, right now my only concern is managing to model all this in time, might have to go with just a couple, but at least the ideas are out there :I

Monday, 12 December 2011


Okay, I'm not often proud of my nation's traditions, but samovars are freaking awesome. (although samovars are not strictly Russian and were used in Turkey and Iran as well)  Sai, I just posted it on your wall today for the lulz and then thought it would look fantastic in our level ,especially since you've put a tea set on the asset list! The electric one we had lying around in the closet  at home was all clunky and lame (like everything made in the soviet era), but turns out some have pretty sweet and varied designs. Since the Ringmaster's probably a bit of a hoarder anyway, I think it would fit in nicely.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Joint Asset List

Waiting Room

- Ring sculpture
- Masks (x ? …a lot)
- Tables (x 3)
- Sofa
- Armchair (x 2)
- Chair (x 4)
- Door (x 9)
- Door frame (x 9)
- Puppets (x 3)
- Candles (x 12)
- Drape (x 4)
- Pillar (x 10)
- Bottle (x 2)
- Tea set

Behind Stage

- Stairs
- Curtain
- Drape (x 3)
- Scaffolding
- Stage base
- Tassle (x 4)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Portraits - Mermaid

I told myself not to do any FMP stuff this week so I could crack on with my rooftop. Clearly this didn't work >:I
But yeah, seeing how we're running out of time I thought we might as well start on the portraits for the doors. Sorry, I probably should have discussed the design first, but hey, I can always re-do it XD 

Based on the sketches I did while at Sai's, except that she looks slightly less underage now (probably for the best) Also added some hair. How could I leave out my albino fetish out of this project?! Damn right I couldn't.
The meeting with Sai was pretty productive - we discussed assets in each room, made lists and room plans and doodled some characters.Sai might post those scans later :) Also, we might have another member on our team soon :0 Fingers crossed!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Concept - Contortionist Twins

Sorry it's been a while since I posted anything ~ no excuses, I'm just crap D:

Anywho, I was thinking about the twins today and I thought I'd doodle a little.

I'm still really unsure about clothing and colours (I suck with colours, you're going to have to help me there), but I think I know how they will look. I was picturing very doll-like and thin, perhaps a bit dead-looking - what do you think? Our level is going to be rather stylized I'm guessing, so I was thinking elongated and pale? Almost like tall dolls in make-up (though I haven't decided on their masks yet...)

Anyway, I thought I'd draw out a base for them, something I can stick clothes and accessories to:

Sorry it's sketchy, I promise I'll refine it once I've settled on a final look.

Anyway, I spent a bit of time cropping and editing some photos of fashion, and sticking on props, mostly for idea generation. This sort of thing:

And then some colours.... *sigh*

I have no idea. Colours are difficult! They look like circus cheerleaders >_>

It's hard having madly-shaped clothes for contortionists. I'm trying to think practically - they have to be able to move and bend quite freely...

Anyway, I'll get some clothing ideas drawn up soon. If you have any ideas (especially with colours) I'd love to hear em :D 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Concept - Ringmaster, part 3

Sorry for the post spam lately :I
Spent yesterday's evening cleaning up the Ringmaster's picture- mostly just making it pretty for the artbook I'm hoping to release at the end of the year. But I also fixed some mistakes, like short legs, and cleared up some details. Removed the squirrel from the tophat because I had no idea why it was there to begin with. Also drew a new pattern for his jacket. I guess it's a bit noisy, but for now I'll be stubborn and settle on a bold black and white look anyway. I'm still being anal about it (wtf is going on with that foot?), and those different shades of purple bug me, but seriously, I should move on to other stuff. I'll most likely fix the colours in the actual texture.