Monday, 31 October 2011

Concept - Contortionist siblings

..someone make me stop. I'm still working on the corridor overpaint, but I got a bit tired of it, so I "took a break" by doodling this. I don't know. :I new Cintiqs in the labs are so cool, if only they made me paint better.

Layout - Marmoset blockouts

It's been a while since my last post. I haven't had much time for concepting as I ran into problems with other uni projects D:. As much as I want to do awesome character and interior designs, it's best that I start with some blockouts. I've  modelled a couple of simple ideas today:

This one is just a linear corridor. Looks pretty boring. I guess we're not going for complicated layouts, since the main point of the project are room designs and characters, but from previous year's group project I've learnt that a level where you can see everything straight away is fail.

In this one I bent the corridor slightly-

And then I also added a stairway to break down the row of doors, perhaps it could lead to a waiting room or something? Also played around with the lights some more. Shiniesss!

Of course, the corridor wouldn't be empty, I'd like to make the ceiling looking like a circus top, with all sorts of random things hanging from the walls and ceiling. Also things like mirrors, chairs, and if we don't make a separate waiting room-perhaps a coffee table with some vintage magazines. Tomorrow I'll most likely do a paintover of one of the screenshots. I also have a sketch of a room in progress.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Inspiration - Furniture and Interiors

Thought I'd look into interior designs for our character's rooms. A lot of design blogs have mostly simplistic modern furniture, but I managed to find some surreal stuff that would look great in the level. I'm mostly interested in pseudo-antique furniture and anything with exaggerated proportions.
Lila Jang's glitchy furniture:

More cool stuff under the cut :)

Concept - tiny bathtub

While Sai is doing actual research, I'm doodling horrible things that will get us kicked off the course :0
We went to the circus yesterday, it was awesome. All those clowns throwing foam at each other made me think of this mental image i just had to draw. Sorry about that XD
Oh and here's the uncensored version.

Inspiration - Rie Hokokai

Rie Hokokai is a designer from Japan who makes clothing from balloons. Tacky,  but it might be fun.

Inspiration - Justin Smith Esquire (Show)