Sunday, 23 October 2011

Inspiration - Furniture and Interiors

Thought I'd look into interior designs for our character's rooms. A lot of design blogs have mostly simplistic modern furniture, but I managed to find some surreal stuff that would look great in the level. I'm mostly interested in pseudo-antique furniture and anything with exaggerated proportions.
Lila Jang's glitchy furniture:

More cool stuff under the cut :)

Proust chairs:

Some other cool stuff:

 more etsy stuff:

Finally, a quite literally crazy interior from a Japanese mental health centre, designed by Nendo:
Actual doors are concealed in a wall or behind bookshelves. Trippy.


  1. Bloody hell - where did you find this?? its awesome!
    I love the chair thats half climbing up the wall xD can we please make that and put it in?? xx

  2. That would be a very fitting piece for a contortionist's room indeed 8D