Friday, 21 October 2011

Layout Ideas

Oh hai, an icebreaker post!
Anyway, after today's presentation and joining the Dollhouse project, I was thinking about the crits we were given and how we could structure the project. Apparently we need to prepare a blockout in three weeks time, so it would be great to figure out how much of the environment we're actually doing.
I am equally interested in characters and environments. The concept we're doing is so unusual, i think you can't make it believable by just choosing one thing. Anyway, a large performance hallway would look impressive, but it's also less personal and perhaps a bit intimidating to make? (although that might be my lack of UDK experience) I think it would take a lot of effort to look good, especially if we're making the characters as well.

I liked Mike's idea about starting small and expanding as we go. Also love hotels with theme rooms seem like an awesome idea, so I was thinking of maybe making a hotel corridor with each room reflecting it's worker's specialty? As our FMP is circus/show related, we could have a separate rooms for contortionist, animal trainer, clowns or mimes, and so on. Rooms would be small, so it wouldn't take a lot to populate them, and we could do as many as the time permits.

Of course, I don't want a regular hotel. I hate that dirty yellowish lighting they tend to have, also even luxury hotel corridors seem pretty bland.  I want it to have a lot of cool ornaments and weird stuff hanging on the walls (like brothel-of-the-year award in a form of golden nipple tassels, but it's the first thing that came to mind, so ignore this). As I said before, in terms of patterns and furniture shape, I'd go for a fancy Victorian look, but the details and colours should be completely mental (I should probably paint this) The interior should show signs of wear (as if the furniture has probably lived a long life before ending up in a brothel), but not completely shabby.

Regarding the rooms:
Our environment is pretty surreal anyway, it wouldn't hurt to mess with physics and space a bit. For example, we could have a contortionist room have a ridiculously high ceiling with a trapeze hanging above the bed.
A room for the animal trainer could have animal masks on walls. Maybe a caged bed? Not too sure about that as I don't want to fall into a pit of  standard BDSM cliches.

Another thing, even though we won't get to do all the rooms, we could still have portraits and signs on the doors to suggest who's inside. And we could have some doors shaking as if someone's trying to get out, although it depends on how much of UDK i'll learn.

..Okay I'm done. Next time I'll post some paintings, promise :I

PS: Completely unrelated-while browsing, I've found out that Britney Spears have done a circus-themed tour . I'm scared of even looking into it, as I don't remember Britney having a good taste in anything. >.>


  1. It seems we are on the same page my love xD

    brilliant. love all of it.

    talking about playing with space - why not have a large lady in one room, and have all her stuff double the size it would usually be?

    mirrored floors and high ceilings in the contortionist room?

    how about a mermaid themed room? with a large tank of water and a viewing bay?

    i was also thinking another character could be a magician ~ he would be the feminine male type?

    it would be nice to get a good range of genders, body shapes and races ~ quite gypsy-like :)

  2. I like where this is going!
    The themes are all awesome, love everything, curious how you're going to put the characters in these environments, can you get an animator on board too??

  3. Do you know of anyone? Because honestly, myself and Mary were talking and neither one of us is confident with rigging or animating =/
    I have a friend in animation, but I know he'll be busy this year, seeing as its his final year too :(