Monday, 17 October 2011

Initial Ideas - Masks

The doll idea is fun. I like being able to cross something that is meant to be innocent and beautiful with something sinful, but perhaps Love Dolls are a tad too much... for school, anyway. 
Another love of mine is masks. They can be beautiful and unique, like French and Venusian masks, or they can be the stuff of nightmares, like gas masks or horror film props.

However, with masks you have to take into account the setting and date. If I'm going for a modern feel, then the leather and latex costumes are feasible, which in-turn could take me down a scary-German theme. Or, if I want something non-bondagey and more decorative, I can look into the more Baroque-styled masks worn in Italy and France in the 16th century. Or, another option is to combine the eras and make a more fantasy theme, similar to the over-all look of games like Bioshock.

Anyway, I'll come back to this.

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