Sunday, 23 October 2011

Concept - tiny bathtub

While Sai is doing actual research, I'm doodling horrible things that will get us kicked off the course :0
We went to the circus yesterday, it was awesome. All those clowns throwing foam at each other made me think of this mental image i just had to draw. Sorry about that XD
Oh and here's the uncensored version.


  1. You dont have to censor on this blog. I dont intend to :P

    Love the concept ~ any idea what room this could go into?

  2. If we end up doing a clown-themed room and character, it could go there I guess? :D

  3. no censoring!

    btw, boobies are much less offensive than CLOWNS!!

  4. You could do a harlequin theme room/character and make these tights!

  5. Yes miss xD haha. I think the contortionist was going to look quite harlequin-esk :) xx