Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Initial Ideas - Circus Theatre

How about more of a show?

An FMP is a great chance to show of creativity as well as skill. I think, as far as concepts go I'm limiting myself. Yes, I love Asia, but I've already done that. I need more colours and lighting and costumes ~ so what better then a circus?

I intend to keep the general sleazy themes, but now I'm picturing it more like The Moulin Rouge as oppose to an every-day brothel. Perhaps theatrical? A show as a front for a sinful business.
A theatre would be a beautiful set. Perhaps French? Italian? Russian?

Masks! I am keeping the masks.
How about: in my circus, no one has a face? Everyone is hidden. Everyone looks like a doll. A dollhouse - The Dollhouse. 

Thats what it will be called. My theatre of sin ~ the Dollhouse.

I will need to decide on masks - I think I will definitely have them more decorative and theatrical, but if I want to make it more fantasy-themed, I can combine the past with the present.
Also, does everyone share the same face? Or will each person have a different mask unique to them?

I think this calls for a trip to Venice.

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