Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Foolchair progress

..Just baked it. (don't mind the alpha at the top, it'll have it's own texture) Has some problem areas as always, but overall it's not too bad. I dread resizing the normal map to 512 though. Maybe I'll just leave it at 1024 and pretend noone saw :I
But I really should finish it today.

..still no asset list. Fuuuuu-


..Shrank the textures after all. Looks kinda blurry upclose ;_; Haven't tested it in UDK yet, hopefully there won't be any nasty surprises..


  1. Imagine having a normal map of a trouser and shoe sculpt on the same page shrank down to a 256 - you don't know pain yet! :]

  2. Hey Mary, nice work, just thought I'd add yet more thoughts about this chair!! Generally the expensive things in games are textures and bones, rather than geometry, I would definitely recommend adding more tris to your assets so the round things on the silhouette are actually round - such as the ends of the arm rests - you'll get a cleaner bake and they will look a lot more detailed rather than having a higher res normal map on a really low poly object. At least here at work we tend to have really small but tightly packed texture maps, but pump in enough geometry so there's no obvious jagged edges. For flat surfaces such as the back of the chair low poly is totally fine, but it would be nice to have more roundness in the cylindrical objects so it doesn't break the illusion. Looking forward to seeing more stuffs, good work :]

  3. Damn games and their texture budgets, i want next gen specs! :C
    My concept was looking quite angular, so I kind of wanted to try and keep that style, but I think I really did overdid it with the lowpoly :D Thanks for the feedback!