Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Blockout progress-2

Haven't done as much as I should have, but thought I should update this thing anyway. I think having to post blog updates motivates me to get more stuff done XD
First of all I have imported my chairs into the level for the scale, although they're still not done.
 Also tweaked the lighting, orange lights are going to be from the candles. Made the doors and the doorframes and had a horrible time putting them in. Turns out the walls are more uneven than I thought :I I'll have a go at making our only workable door later on. It will have to open on the inside, as it's a bit slanted because of the walls and will bury in the floor otherwise XD
Spiral staircase for the ringmaster's room. Even with the railing and a smooth collision it's very tedious to climb all the way to the top and I can't be bothered to make that way more exciting, so I'm 99% sure I'll go with a small elevator in the end. It would be fun to design anyway, plus we'd have more dynamic elements in the level.
Piss poor attempt at lighting the Ringmaster's room. All assets are lame placeholders done in 5 minutes, so ignore those. It's all BSP at the moment and looks seriously boring. I want to redo the ceiling with static meshes, make it slanted with wooden supports like you would have in the attic or something. Technically i need to make the walls bendy as well, but I fear having to stick the static mesh walls together again...might try modifying the bsps and hoping the UVS won't fuck up. Also realised that coloured lights make everything look black. Not good news, considering I was planning to have some really dark furniture - guess I'll go with really bright diffuse and hope it works.

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