Monday, 30 January 2012

Twins Room - Tea Party Concept

Just a quick doodle for the table and chairs for the twin's room.

I wanted the tea-party set to be elongated - I think it will look fun in the tall room. Not sure of colours at the moment - I was thinking pale? Whites and pinks? Was thinking of turning the twins blonde, and having costumes to match (whites, pinks, maybe blues).

Still unsure.
The chairs will be more decorative then they are here ~ gona doodle some carvings and patterns later. Not sure if I should put a cloth over the table or not.

The teapot looked like an elephant. It's not staying that way, don't worry. I was being lazy.

1 comment:

  1. awesome, i like the feathers and ribbons :) Pale ivory and pinks will go well with the main hall. And I actually rather like the elephant teapot idea. It could have the same colours (ivory+pastel reds and blues) as the main teaset. And maybe a coaster in a shape of those circus stands for animals they have XD;
    cloth would be cool. easy to make, too, I'm looking forward to playing with the cloth modifier for the level :0
    Let me know when they're done so we could put them in the level. I still need to make the door for your room to open XD