Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Costume Inspiration - The Twins (Video)


Sorry I've not posted in a while. Really need to be doing more concepts but stupid UDK is taking up all my time *grumble.* I'm obviously not as good a worker as you Marianna :,(
I'll do loads more after the deadline ~ promise! ^^ 

Anywho, I got something to show ya!

It's not a drawing... which it should be. It's actually a music video.

Now, bare with me here - I know you all grow tired of my Korean-pop obsession, but I was going through some of my old saved songs and I came across this. I didnt realise but the lady's feather costume is pretty-much the costume I had envisioned for the twinnies. So I want you to take a look :D

I couldnt find a picture, so youre going to have to bare with it lol. It's kinda techno-y, promise.

Anywho, do you think it'll be too hard to rig and move if I have too many parts to their costumes like feathers?

Oh, and feel free to post videos by the way. If you find a clip with cool environments or costumes dont be afraid to stick it up. I'll watch it ;)


  1. ...I dig the costume and the android guy at the beginning. The music not so much XD. I don't think rigging the feathers would be too problematic. sure, alphas will overlay when moving, but it's no big deal :)Not that I'm a pro at rigging, I've only done two models so far..badly >.>

  2. its difficult to have a mad costume that will rig well. im trying to think about animation when im drawing =/ god damn you technical limitations!

    are we still keeping the "characters have a mask each" thing?

  3. IF you'll draw them, then yeah :P Atm I want to wrap up with drawing and I still have quite a bit of stuff to draw. (Like character portraits still...)