Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Layout - More ideas and UDK

Spent this morning re-learning UDK. We had an idea of doing the circular area, so I tried to see if it's possible to create in UDK. This screenshot had all the cool stuff drawn over it, but it seems like I didn't save it >:I

Perhaps this ingenious doodle will clear things up. Sai and I were thinking of doing one big room with a waiting/relaxation area in the middle for the guests, and a big entrance to the stage. That way we could also make a circus tent for a ceiling. After blocking it out it seemed like the space is way too open, and even if I position some chairs/tables in the middle, it would still look empty.

I thought of ways to create a circular corridor, and one of the ideas is to make one corridor wall as simply as a bunch of stuff - clothes, wardrobes, and stuff performers would normally have in the dressing room.
This sketch makes it looked a bit too cramped, but for now I'm just trying to throw in some ideas without becoming too focused on the details. (which is something I like to do a lot >_>)

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