Sunday, 27 November 2011

Layout concept

Yet another paintover. This morning I've done another UDK layout based on my last sketches: made curvy walls, tent-like rooftop and drapery for the staircase, this time all in max. Also did a small corridor at the entrance so you could get a better look of the scene. I didn't plan on having the walls checkered, but it looks kinda cool in the painting :0
 Here's some more screenshots. Sai, feel free to do a paintover if you like :)
Now, to sketch out the actual assets to populate the corridor. Not sure if I should do it now, or if I should finalise my assets for the Ringmaster#s room first :/ I'm getting a bit confused with how much work I need to get done until we begin the FMP. I think I'll start by making a list of all the assets and then concept them as fast as possible. We still have a lot of portraits for the rest of the characters to do - should I just concept heads or whole bodies? :I
Anyway, here's a sketch for something I want to put near the entrance- a ring of fire a player is supposed to jump through. I randomly drew a monkey, but it could be anything. If only I could model stuff as quickly as I draw it XD

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  1. Hmm, I think for the character portraits, just a bust? We don't have much time to finalize concepts =/
    They said they wanted all the concepting done by the end of xmas. I suppose that gives us xmas... but even at that we have to hand in a brief before we leave for the break.

    I'd say work more on your room and your character first, then we can meet up and have a good talk about the hall.

    In the brief we should also make sure to leave room for extra stuff, in case we finish early. Like, have a higher tri count in case we want to add another room, that kind of thing.