Thursday, 17 November 2011

Concept - Contortionist's Room

Thought I'd have a little go at blocking-out my initial idea for the contortionist twin's room.

I liked the suspended bed idea, so I thought I'd have it chained to the ceiling, with perhaps a little tea-party underneath.
Had a go with mirrored walls/floor, and to be honest I think it looks pretty cool (not the effect in the image... obviously it will look better if done properly) but I think it will go with our theme of playing with space and depth. On the same note, I thought I'd have quite a tall room, with a small floor area and a wide roof space. Duno why.

Ribbons! Well, they need a way to get to their bed. The contortionists at the circus looked beautiful when they were ribbon-dancing, so I thought "yay for ribbons."

Anyway, sorry the renders are a bit blurry and unreadable. I'll bring the file in with me tomorrow anyway and you can have a spin-around if you want.

Oh. And the spiky thing is a chandelier. I was being lazy.


  1. I love that tea party thing ;_;

  2. I love the mad scale and weird proportions...

  3. If you can get the mirror stuff to work in realtime in UDK that would be awesome! [As long as there's a way to hide the player character] I'm loving this idea