Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Concept - Ringmaster, part 2

This is not entirely finished, but we're about to be kicked out of the cintiq room, and I really wanted to post my progress today :D Did some more silhouettes, the napoleon-syndrome-misget somehow turned into a tall-ish guy, although still with heels and fake shoulder pads. I have more sketches of the face in pen, I'll update this post once i scan them in. The last version needs more detail, accessories, and a better pattern, as I hand-drew this one really quickly. Crits  and suggestions are always welcomed :)


  1. Cool, are you going for a stylised approach for faces? You could post some inspirations of stuff with a similar look to what you're going for.
    This is really cool, though from experience be careful with patterns, I know its what you're going for but they can be really noisy and kill your sculpted detail in the fabric. You can experiment with that in the texture though.

  2. I think so. So far I've been doing stylised concepts because they bring out the features better, but I'm thinking of doing everything stylised and handpainted in 3D too. So far Alice games have been my main inspiration, but I'll look into other stylised games too :)
    Thanks for letting me know about the patterns. I'm quite determined to use some large, bold patterns on his coat, hopefully I'll make them work :)