Thursday, 17 November 2011

Concept - Ringmaster and his stuff

After Mike's crit today (where we were told to start doing cool shit already XD), I've decided to work on the Ringmaster's character and his room.
Here are just some asset sketches. I imagine him to have a very narsissistic personality, the kind of person that lives stupidly above his means and what not.  I'm planning on making all the framing either gold-like or platinum, and a lot of over-the-top accessories. Here are just a few of the ideas so far, later on I will flesh them out some more and do finalised concepts in colour.
And here'are some concepts of the guy. I started off with general silhouettes to define the general proportions and stylisation. In the end I went with the last one, as it didn't look too cartoony, but also more confident and classy. 
This still needs more work, as I have other clothing ideas. He also needs a face, as much as I like a moustached gimp mask XD


  1. haha! loving him!

    i think you should make him really tall and thin - Tim could be your model xD

  2. Awesome silhouettes! Exciting idea