Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Portraits - Mermaid

I told myself not to do any FMP stuff this week so I could crack on with my rooftop. Clearly this didn't work >:I
But yeah, seeing how we're running out of time I thought we might as well start on the portraits for the doors. Sorry, I probably should have discussed the design first, but hey, I can always re-do it XD 

Based on the sketches I did while at Sai's, except that she looks slightly less underage now (probably for the best) Also added some hair. How could I leave out my albino fetish out of this project?! Damn right I couldn't.
The meeting with Sai was pretty productive - we discussed assets in each room, made lists and room plans and doodled some characters.Sai might post those scans later :) Also, we might have another member on our team soon :0 Fingers crossed!

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