Thursday, 1 December 2011

Concept - Ringmaster, part 3

Sorry for the post spam lately :I
Spent yesterday's evening cleaning up the Ringmaster's picture- mostly just making it pretty for the artbook I'm hoping to release at the end of the year. But I also fixed some mistakes, like short legs, and cleared up some details. Removed the squirrel from the tophat because I had no idea why it was there to begin with. Also drew a new pattern for his jacket. I guess it's a bit noisy, but for now I'll be stubborn and settle on a bold black and white look anyway. I'm still being anal about it (wtf is going on with that foot?), and those different shades of purple bug me, but seriously, I should move on to other stuff. I'll most likely fix the colours in the actual texture.


  1. Really nicely rendered! Is that a tilable pattern? I feel more confident this will work now, perhaps you could give the pattern a different specularity to the base material of the jacket, or a slight raised bump so it looks like its appliqued on?
    Also, I think the boot on the right (his left) looks a bit wide from that angle when I think it would be a bit tighter to the foot.

  2. Haha! I love him.

    Though, perhaps more colour? He's very purple and white.
    Loving the pattern - is this what your meant before when you said you wanted almost a logo that could be repeated through the level? Because I like this design, but I also liked the doll-head mirror's pattern... perhaps combine the two?