Thursday, 15 December 2011

Concepts - Puppets

Finally did the puppets.

I read that puppet theatres were used in middle ages to teach illiterate people about morales. I though our dolls could hint on what has happened to previous "employees", and what fate would await the current characters if they tried to escape or not make enough money or something. All punishments could look like staged accidents, which isn't hard in a circus environment. At the same time I didn't want to cover everything in blood and keep the horror aspect subtle. The first time I drew the hanged contortionist, I gave her a blue face and open mouth, and the magician's assistant had blood on her, but then I figured this is kinda unnessesary. And dolls don't bleed, toys should have toy-like injuries :) Any thoughts?

And yeah, right now my only concern is managing to model all this in time, might have to go with just a couple, but at least the ideas are out there :I

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