Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Concepts - Sofa sketches

Went back home a couple of days ago and managed to get a horrible art block straight away. Turns out it's much easier for me to work when other people are around than in an a big empty house, even though there's absolutely nothing to do here (besides whining). But I'd feel bad if I wasted these weeks entirely, so it's time to  get back to doodling. 
Started out with an idea I've had for a while now-a rolled-up sofa :D It's a complimentary to this armchair , so it will use the same pattern/fabric and stuff. I'm liking the top right one so far, would look good in a corner..if we had any :0 Still thinking if I should add an ornament at the top and how to go about it (same goes for the chair). I'm convinced that it needs to be modelled, as alphas will inevitably look shit, but the polycount always seems to be an issue. 

In any case, I'll consider this to be my last day of procrastination. In the next couple of days I want to do as many concepts for the corridor as possible so I could get to the Ringmaster's room.
 And then there are still 8 more character portraits to do. Sai, if you could sketch out some concepts of the characters you want to design (like the Magician drag queen), I could paint the portraits  from them :) Or you can do the actual portraits if you like, we just need to make sure the style looks similar.

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