Sunday, 22 April 2012

magic seals

...Oh hello. Yep, that's the rug. Just when I thought this would be the easiest thing to make ever, Zbrush decided to fuck everything up D: Well, it was me really, the first time I sculpted it I used a double-sided plane. In the end the front and back faces kind of tangled together, and it wasn't visible until I attempted to bake it only to get a really weird grid along the entire map. Oh well. Re-made it from the retopoed model, and it came out even better. I do wish I used alphas for softer edges and extra fluffiness, but I'm trying to save space. And time.
I bet those tiny little seals had a whole circus career ahead. But clearly something didn't work out :D At least now they get to lie around all day. As seals usually do anyway.

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