Monday, 2 April 2012

Puppets done, backstage decoration

I keep reminding myself to stop abandoning the blog. Anyway, in the past few days I have put the puppets in the level and did some other stuff. I got back to my working rhythm and now feel a lot more confident about the amount of work left.
Only two of them are rigged, as setting up physics constraints was a major pain in the ass. In any case, one is attached to the strings and kind of swings around in a retarded fashion ( should have made a video probably) I tried to make the ropes stay as close to the limbs as possible, but they still look like they're hovering around. Also here you can see the pillars are now properly textured. They're curently hogging the texture sheet all to themselves, but i'll use the remaining space for smaller assets once i get around to it.
The other one's chilling on a trapeze-

The rest are static, just pre-rigged into a pose and put into the level as static meshes.
The backstage area now has the unique tileables for the floor and walls, replaced bsp stairs with a more fun static mesh, added banisters and curtains.I'll have to sort out the lighting there and bump up the lightmap resolution. I hate how skeletal meshes stand out from the lightmapped ones :C

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