Thursday, 26 April 2012

progress shots.

We're almost done here. In the past couple of days I've put in the last small bits into the level, made the cubemaps for main and ringmaster's rooms, changed the lift so it doesn't need the doors anymore, and added the fog/smokey particles. Also added collission bits, so that some items can be dynamic. Still need to fix some lightmaps, do the portraits for the doors, and, hopefully, put in the sounds. That's about it on my part.
 smoky backstage-

Main Room

Sai's room
Ringmaster's Lair


  1. nice pics but... they're so TINY!

    cancha make em bigger?


    1. Have you tried clicking on them? ;D

      ..But yeah, huge-res good quality screenshots will follow once everything's done. I'm still tweaking stuff :)