Thursday, 1 March 2012

Carpet. Idea scribbles.

...Forgive me this crude scribble :D Just drew some stuff into the screenshot to determine, what I need to add and fix.
The carpet has already been done today and placed in the level. Originally I was planning on doing it as a decal, however Bart suggested making a separate mesh. In the end it was both easier and cheaper :D I've built a mesh of a quarter of the ring and simply duplicated it along the corridor.
For the texture, I found an image of some antique French rug and redesigned it to make it fit the theme better.

Will make doors of a more interesting shape. Still not planning on making different doors for now, but it might be a good idea for laters. I suspect Sai's doorway will have to be redone entirely, though, and I've no clue on how to approach it..Even the regular door was a nightmare with bend walls and such.

-Extra stuff:
Will add some columns (so far just a twisted one, unless i think of something better), more curtains and some flowers. Lots of frames, too. Although I'll have to have the pictures for all of them ,too >_>

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  1. This is actually beautiful Mary, and the sketch is great - I think le lecturers will be able to see and understand your vision more with the visual aid :)

    About my door - the wall with the door (inside my room) I will keep flat / vertical. I'll curve the rest of the room, so dont worry about my room being bent - i'll make sure my part matches yours.