Thursday, 1 March 2012

Twins Room Test

Was playing around with shapes and ideas last night, and I think I've finalized the concept for my room (being decisive is tough).
I still want the room to be smaller at the bottom and tall at the top, but I've rounded the shape - I thought it would fit in with the shape of the cage better.
In addition, I've added a viewing balchony that can be accessed by a spiral staircase (the staircase curling around the walls/ being attached to the walls).The room will also have an indent for a giant wardrobe: for the wardrobe, I want one door open so the player can see inside, but not enough tyo distract from the swing. Inside I want ladders and levels of rails of clothing... it'll probably look like a side-scrolling game in a wardrobe.

Anywho, I brought it into UDK to check scale and stuff and to play with lighting. Not sure what colour I want the lights - pink's cool, eh?

I think I'll only have the ceiling and floor mirrored. I don't want the room to be too eye-burning afterall.
The floor I'll fill out with more assets - a sofa, a vainity table, clothes and shoes perhaps.

The wardrobe won't be accessable - the player will be able to see into it, but not get into it. Trying to get rails of clothing to move properly and ladders to work well in a confined space sound like a pain in the ass. If there is time at the end i'll try, but for now I'll concentrate on the rest of the place.

Oh, gona have long drapes hanging either side of the wardrobe - like the big red ones you have in the waiting room.


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